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Three Best Books on CrossFit

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Three Best Books On CrossFit

Update: Check Out Our Latest Review Of The Best Books About CrossFit: Click Here Spring of 2016

It was our job to find you the five best books on CrossFit, and that is what we aimed to do. We live by a simple belief that you are the people you meet and the books you read. Reading a book is so much more intimate than listening to music or watching something on the TV or a movie. You assume the struggles of the person who wrote the book. You gain a part of yourself when you read, and that is why it is important for all of us to read. With that introduction here are our selections for the five best books on CrossFit.

Rich Froning’s New Book About CrossFit:

Kindle edition for $9.99 and the paperback for $11.38 for a limited time.

Rich’s new book is about what it takes to win in CrossFit. He shares that his deep religious convictions with all of us. His simple belief is if you put God first all other things fall into place. First: What It Takes to Win is his own story about how he has become the competitor that he is today. He addresses not only that it takes physical toughness to be a great CrossFit athlete, but it also takes a spiritual and mental fitness. He stresses that there has to be balance of all three.  There was no doubt that this book was going to make the list as one of the five best books on CrossFit.

Becoming A Supple CrossFit Beast


On sale for $33.25 for the hardcover edition.

We do not even know why we included this book on our list of the five best books on CrossFit. Allow us to be blunt, if you have not read this or if you are not reading this, are you really into CrossFit? This might end up becoming the Bible of CrossFit. This book tells us how we can be more than us through CrossFit. It teaches us how we can better protect our body from the strains of CrossFit. This book is all about CrossFit. Becoming a Supple Leopard: The Ultimate Guide to Resolving Pain, Preventing Injury, and Optimizing Athletic Performance is more of a life manual than just a mere book about CrossFit. Again, I do not know one person who performs CrossFit, who has not read this book, is reading this book, or plans on reading this book.

CrossFit Is All About Power Speed and Endurance


$28.50 for the paperback version of this book and $9.99 in the ebook format.

Power Speed ENDURANCE: A Skill-Based Approach to Endurance Training is one of the five best books on CrossFit. Written by a CrossFit guru, this book is all about CrossFit. His take on CrossFit is that you can become faster, more powerful, and improve your endurance with improved mechanics. Think about a baseball pitcher, when he learns that is power is not in his shoulder or arm, but in his hips and legs…that is when the breakthrough comes.  Another reason why this book is one of the five best books on CrossFit is because it dedicates a portion of the book to discuss the beleaguered CrossFit athlete. You might be who he is talking about, you know the CrossFitter who can never get right. Who is constantly battling or being nagged by injuries. He provides us with a plan to get back on our feet and help us prevent injuries.

The Runner’s Up For Best Books On CrossFit

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